We believe that Word of God is forever TRUTH. It is Holy Ghost inspired, inerrantly preserved, and supernaturally revealed to all those who diligently seek to know Him.   Because Bible prophecy is found in EVERY book of the Bible, we believe that the Old Testament and New Testament are irrevocably linked by God's design. Together they fully present Jesus Christ as Messiah and Lord and point to His soon Return! O taste and see that the LORD is GOOD! 

Here you will find Word Studies, Powerpoint presentations, Biblical views on current events, Bible maps, and the best great commentary I can find in the Body of Christ today. God wants us to have  a right understanding of where we are on God's Timetable of Events. We are living in exciting times by FAITH and not by FEAR! Included are links to other trustworthy websites, and authors so you can deepen your own studies! Led by the Holy Spirit and in Love with Jesus, Cathy Bentley. You can reach me at cathymission@aol.com and also sign up for updates!